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Hello ...

I am thrilled you are here and hope you will find plenty of reasons to stay a while and return often. In sharing the adventures of refeathering my nest, I imagine there will be myriad reasons for us to connect, whether you are anticipating a soon-to-be empty nest, in the midst of it, or have some experience and may be willing to share a bit of your wisdom. 

Despite working without a grand design, I am often that friend who is tapped for advice or for a bit of creative juice. Having studied design and retail, which feeds my artful side, and family counseling, which fuels my desire to get in there and help, my professional life, personal adventures, and a healthy dose of kismet have brought me to this exciting time of life. I am a wife, mother, animal lover, fearless traveler, writer, bake a darn good cookie, can’t get enough color in my life, a reader, and am told I am a good listener. 

I believe there is a divine plan and try to allow that to play-out organically in my life, however, am often reminded that I need to loosen the reins when I have started gripping a little too tightly. 

You may count on me to post here every Tuesday and Friday ... and in between when there is something I just can't wait to share ... with the hope that what inspires, delights, or possibly irritates me (it happens), will resonate with you as well. I am discovering there's a lot to celebrate every day.

I look forward to your questions, will share my thoughts, and will count on your perspectives.

Oh … and I’m writing a novel. Set in a charming, lakeside town in Northern Michigan where the summers are sublime, the winters are brutal and snowy and quiet, and where Annie Quinn is finding a mystery to solve as she settles into her new catering business in the same building where her great grandfather operated a photography studio at the turn of the 19th Century. I will keep you posted.

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